Making Radio, Day 5: Saturday Morning LIVE! On the Air at Siren FM (1/17/15)

The audio was captured. The stories were edited. The scripts were written. The songs were chosen. The rundown was finalized. Everything was loaded into the playout system. Anticipation and adrenaline were running high at 10:00 AM as MSCM 398’s 3Ms Triple Threat pumped up to Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars, then opened the microphones to greet their worldwide audience.

This was a great experience. Everyone was well prepared, and excited for the broadcast. With exec. producer Andrew Wilson David calling the shots, and engineer Ed Wellman at the controls, the next two hours were filled with music, information, and fun.

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Missed the live show? No worries. The complete program is available as a podcast on Siren’s catch-up service – Enjoy!


About massmediax

Dr. Michael Huntsberger is Associate Professor in the department of Mass Communication at Linfield College. He teaches courses in electronic media production, mass communication ethics, and mass communication history, and his research focuses on public media policy and technology. He is an active member of the Broadcast Education Association and the RIPE Initiative.
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